Commercial Roof Coatings

Swita Metal Roofings’ Coating System

Swita Metal Roofing is proud to offer spray commercial roof coatings as an extension of what we do.

Why we only use the Fluid Applied Roofing System

State of the Art
Patented Hybrid Polyurethane-Acrylic Technology
Seamless Systems
Fiber Infused = No joints - no tape - no fabrid ~ No Worries
Cost Effective
30 - 50% less than alternative options
Energy Savings
30 - 50% savings on cooling costs
No landfills needed
500% Elasticity
Will stretch - No tearing
Debris Resistant
Better Adhesion to the membrane
Holds Ponding Water
Leak Proof
Tear Resistant
60 lbf/in
Hail Resistant
Tensile Strength
225 psi minimum
Quick Set Time
30 minutes to quick-curing ~ Multiple applications in a single day
Excellent Adhesion to all substrates
Various Substrates
Metal, Single Ply, Bur/Mod Bit, Concrete, Foam, Rubber
Recoating is easy and cost effective when warranty period expires
Safe Clean Up
Environmentally friendly - Only water is needed
Leak Proof Roofing

Does your business or commercial building have a leak? Call us at 608-492-3765. Our Roof Coating System is a great value and is seamless!

Swita Metal Roofing’s Coating System is a sound decision for your business or commercial investment property.

With Swita Metal Roofing, you can count on professional, expert installation for your commercial roof. Our team has been comprehensively trained in roofing installation techniques. And we use only high-quality, investment-grade roofing materials. Schedule a free estimate today.