Metal Roofing Contractors

Are you searching for a metal roofing contractors? Consult the checklist below for helpful some helpful tips on finding the right roofing partner. Let these questions be a guide to helping you choose a metal roofing contractor that will offer quality and expertise in selecting and installing your roof.

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Metal Roofing Contractor

Do you specialize in metal roofing?

Not all roofing contractors are specialists in metal roofing. Some roofing contractors dabble in metal roof installation and claim to be expert. It is important to choose a contractor that is truly a specialist and will not sub-contract their metal roof projects to another contractor.

Are you licensed and insured? Can you secure the required permits?

Request a copy of the General Contractor’s License. You should also verify they have a valid worker’s compensation and general liability insurance to protect yourself from liability.

Ensure the contractor adheres to current safety standards. They should have the right safety equipment, including lanyards and anchor points.

Check to confirm the contractor can secure all the required permits for the job.

Do you have references? How will you communicate?

Ask the contractor for references. You should also ensure they understand your instructions clearly so they can implement your vision. You can evaluate this by speaking with their references to learn about their experience with the contractor. Did they feel pressured? Did they feel respected? How did their employees respect the job site and how well did they clean up after?

Metal Roofing Contractor

Will you provide an attic inspection?

It is critical to have your attic inspected prior to your roof’s installation. A thorough inspection will help identify problems and minimize risks. This will ensure you avoid unwelcome and unexpected expenses. During the inspection, the contractor should provide: 

  • An analysis of your vents
  • Inspection for moisture penetration and damage
  • Inspection of attic and roof ventilation
  • Infrared temperature evaluation
  • Structural inspection
  • Exhaust venting inspection
  • Soffit inspection
  • Evaluation of heat sources

Will you use permanent roofing materials?

Make sure the contractor will use high quality permanent roofing materials, so you can prevent premature failure. You should avoid a contractor that will cut corner to cut back on costs. 

Check that the contractor uses the materials below at a minimum:

  • Interlocking starter
  • Woven synthetic underlayment
  • Premium ice and water shield
  • Premium sealants
  • Open valleys
  • Energy-saving finish
  • Baffled high volume ridge vent
  • Permanent finishes
  • Four-way interlock
  • Hidden fasteners

Do you offer a warranty or guarantee?

What type of warranty or guarantee does the contractor offer? Look out for:

  • Non-Prorated Limited Lifetime  Warranty – This type of warranty from the manufacturer covers 100% material and labor. It is non-prorated. The limits are often for to acts of God.
  • Non-Prorated Installation Warranty – This warranty is offered by contractors. It covers installation and is non-prorated for a period of up to 15 years. The limits are often for acts of God.
  • Product Warranty – this is a warranty from the manufacturer. Check to ensure that is is transferable and how many times it can be transferred, ideally unlimited. Ask how long the warranty is valid (20-40 years depending on product chosen).
  •  Chalk and Fade Warranties – this is a manufacturer’s warranty. Check to ensure you have a warranty of no less than 30 years.

Other questions for a smooth project

Want to ensure the project will run smoothly from start to finish? The following are some additional questions to ask: 

  • Are you a member of any professional organization in the industry?
  • What are your policies regarding changes to the scope of work?
  • What training and/or certification does you installation crew have?

These helpful insights can save you a lot of time and money, and protect you against unpleasant surprises when choosing metal roofing contractors.