Roof Replacement: Why Metal Wins

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Roof Replacement and The Advantages of Metal Roofing

When Wisconsin homeowners are in the midst of roof replacement, the reason metal roofing makes sense is so that they never have to replace their roof again. The permanent nature of metal roofing makes it the ideal choice for roof replacement. No other material provides the “one and done” ease and peace of mind of metal roofing.

Metal is Becoming More Popular for Roof Replacement in Wisconsin

Metal roofing is projected to grow faster as a roof replacement choice than any other roofing material. It’s gaining ground in high-end homes based on its longevity and durability as well as the ability to be designed to look like wood shakes or slate and despite its higher initial cost compared to asphalt shingles.

Commercial property owners choose metal roofing, too. It’s used in a wide range of building types (retail, office, industrial) and is often utilized for steep slope accent sections in conjunction with low slope sections. Standing seam roofing is the predominant type but curved panels are becoming more prevalent.

Roof Replacement With One and Done Convenience and Peace of Mind

Wisconsin homeowners and commercial property owners are surprised to learn about the long-term value of metal roofing, especially when you consider that replacing a roof with metal is a one and done decision. Asphalt seems less expensive initially, but will need to be replaced again and again. This costs more over the long haul.

Metal roof manufacturers are expanding their lines to keep up with demand and even a few asphalt suppliers have stepped into the metal market. However, homeowners are wise to work exclusively with metal roofing experts for roof replacement, since metal requires more skill and craftsmanship for installation than asphalt.