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We service the entire state of Wisconsin.

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Swita Metal Roofing will provide you an exact breakdown of all the work to be performed on your roofing project. Best of all, there will be no waiting period! An average appointment will take approximately 60-90 minutes.

Typically, you can expect your quote immediately or within 24 hours following our presentation and assessment of your roof. Unlike most contractors who need weeks to get back to you, (if they haven’t forgotten about you along the way) we pride ourselves in being efficient and timely which means our customers now have the needed information available to make an intelligent decision.

Typically, when purchasing a new home, your lender or other parties may request that you get roofing estimates. Swita Metal Roofing is happy to help with this. We charge a  fee of $125 for these estimates. To receive a Free Estimate, you must current be the owner of the property you’re getting an estimate on.

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Free Estimates Only Available for Current Home Owner(s).

Your metal roofing estimate is an accurate and guaranteed price based on your roof size, pitch, complexity, and product choice.

We’ll actually guarantee the finished job will cost exactly the quoted price for your chosen roofing product. Our free roofing estimate takes up to two hours, but the great news is that by the time we leave your house, you will have in your hands a precise guaranteed price quote and timeline for the project. No waiting around for a week or two for someone to “get back to you”.

Metal Roofing Estimate
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Your metal roofing estimate includes an accurate timeline for the total project.

Your free metal roofing estimate gives you not only what the project cost, but also a rock-solid timeline to complete the project. The average metal roof install takes anywhere from 3-7 days, or could be slightly more if your roof is complex or very large. Because our install teams are factory trained and highly skilled, along with the resources we have invested into refining our installation process, we can quote accurate roofing timelines.