Hi-Flow Ridge Vents

Why Proper Ventilation Matters

Something that is often overlooked when it comes to residential roofing systems is proper ventilation. Ensuring your roof has adequate ventilation is the key to making sure your energy costs remain as low as possible. In addition, ventilation also helps prevent mold from forming in the attic and makes your home a more comfortable place to spend time.

The vents found on traditional asphalt roofs are generally ineffective. The way that they are designed actually moves air back into the attic, trapping moisture in your insulation. Excess moisture can lead to a decline in energy efficiency. In fact, according to the Department of Energy, you can lose as much as 2.5% efficiency for every 1% of added moisture. When you consider that some homes have 10% more moisture in their installation, that can mean a 25% loss in energy efficiency.

wita Metal Roofing is proud to sell and install Hi-Flow Ridge Vents, which are effective at moving a substantial amount of moisture and excess heat out of your attic. These vents are capable of decreasing moisture levels in your attic by up to 10% which means lower energy bills, and a dry attic that is free of mold.

However, you want to make sure to do your research, since not all ridge vents are created equal. A ridge vent that is poorly designed can have the opposite effect, and reverse the airflow back into your attic like what happens with traditional asphalt roofs.

When you work with Swita, you can rest assured knowing that our trained representatives will determine the most effective ventilation system for your home. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions.

Want to see how impressive Swita Metal Roofing’s Hi-Flow Ridge Vent is in action? Watch this short video to see how it compares to other ridge vent options that are on the market:

Hi-Flow Ridge Vent Facts:

Here’s a few things that make our Hi-Flow Ridge Vents special:

  • They work by creating a negative pressure system to pull moisture from the attic
  • The increase in air flow helps to decrease moisture levels within attic insulation
  • The Hi-Flow Ridge Vent moves more air than any other ridge vent
  • This vent has the highest “Net Free Area” of any equivalent ridge vent on the market

Is It Right for Your Home?

After an assessment of your home, we may recommend one of the following options:

  • Eave Edge Vents – this vent style is ideal for homes without soffit venting
  • Wall Vents – choose this option for shed roofs that come off a wall
  • Peak Vents – this vent design is recommended for California Contemporary-style homes