Snow Country Roof

Prevent Hazards Caused by Sliding Snow

Removing snow from your roof can be a treacherous task. Swita Metal Roofing can help keep you safe by eliminating the need for this unsafe chore. Our Snow Country metal roofs are the ideal choice for homes located in regions that experience heavier snowfall.

During a snowstorm, heavy snow can accumulate on the roof, which can cause structural damage or leaks. You may even see ice dams begin to form. The Snow Country roof is designed with shingles that are locked at the valley and gable edges, so snow can simply slide off the roof and onto the ground below. The underside of your shingles are protected by the design and angle of the roof.

At Swita Metal Roofs, we believe you should have a roof that’s durable enough to protect you from the elements, but also looks great and increases your home’s curb appeal. That’s why we install Snow Country roofs in two beautiful styles:

  • Oxford Shingle– This classic shingle style emulates the beauty of architectural shingles. It is engineered using aluminum panels, making it much more durable.
  • Rustic Shingle– Enjoy the rugged texture of realistic wood grain, specifically designed to look identical to wood shake shingles. This steel shingle will never warp, mold, rot or split and will look beautiful for decades.

Cross roof snow removal off your to-do list for good with a Snow Country roof from Swita Metal Roofing.