I hired Swita Metal Roofing, and they were fantastic from start to finish. Mike obviously knows his stuff, and together with Mary, they communicate regularly and clearly. I knew what to expect at every point in the process. His crew was courteous, professional and excellent craftspeople. They did a very nice job with my roof, even set aside my weathervane for me instead of trashing it. It’s the little things that make a difference with a small business. Mike and Mary are very personable and they take the time to listen. I especially appreciated that the crew stuck with my project until it was completed, and didn’t leave it in a state of disarray to spin up another job. That kind of planning and commitment is much appreciated. After the project started, my neighbors have come by to have a look. They can’t believe it’s metal because it’s not standing seam, what they’re accustomed to seeing. I’m very happy with my roof.
Linda Camillo

We are very happy with our new roof. The crew that installed the roof did a very nice job. Mike showed up on the first day and went over everything with the crew foreman and also on the last day to check everything out with the crew foreman once again. Everything was nicely cleaned up on the last day. If you need a roof this is the company to go with.
Noelle H.

Mike is a great contractor. He kept me posted on what was happening and followed up when the job was finished. I would definitely go with him again if I ever needed roofing done.
Scott M.

Swita Roofing is outstanding. Mike gave us a very good presentation. My wife and I were very impressed with his product and the work. The people that did the work were clean, courteous, and helpful. We love his work and our new roof!!! We could not be happier!
Lawrence C.

I am concerned with high insurance premiums, and this roofing system gives me the best peace of mind, that it is durable and will last the test of time. You get what you pay for, and for your money, this stuff will pay for itself over the life of your home, because you will only have to do it once! And the transferable warranty can’t be beat, and it an attractive resell feature if you plan on selling. I am one happy homeowner.
Darren V. & Debbie M.

We wanted roofing with a long life and this type of product is used in the Caribbean where my wife is from. Best way to go, good investment. Keeps critters out and roofing has a long life, so no need to replace every 10 years.
E. Marc C.

Swita Metal Roofing is the best choice for Dane County! Swita Metal Roofing is a family business that has a proven track record. They are built upon integrity, courtesy, and attentiveness. Call Mike and Mary today and schedule your consultation.
Michael Shehane

When it was time to replace my asphalt shingle roof, I considered going with metal but wondered if it would be worth the investment. Mike described the process and had samples of the materials on hand. I was very impressed with his communication skills and listening abilities. I felt like Mike understood my objectives and he provided excellent options. I love it that the roofing material I chose not only looks beautiful but also has the highest impact-resistance rating. I have a beautiful and durable roof now, and it’s one less worry. Mike and Mary make a great team, and their crew was just outstanding. The workmanship, especially around the chimney flashing, was excellent. The crew finished up in just a few days, and were great to work with.
Linda C.

We needed a roof that could last 20+ years (there’s no guarantee with composite shingles) so we went for metal. We did not want aluminum (you cannot walk on it, need to clean the chimney twice a year), and did not want a steel roof with screws showing. It looks great, like a regular roof, and it will last my lifetime. A lot of people stop and look at the roof, and a few stopped and asked about it.
John T.

We got a referral from a co-worker whose friend had the product installed. We love the durability, resistance to hail and weather issues. We really like the look of our new roof.
Larry B.

My company, Full Spectrum Solar, has worked with Mike Swita, owner of Swita Metal Roofing, for many years to coordinate our solar energy installations with new metal roofs. He has gone above and beyond the ordinary to provide us and his customers excellent support. Mike is passionate about educating clients on the benefits of metal roofing, helping them make the best decisions for their home.
Burke O’Neal

We chose KasselWood since this house and our previous house had asphalt shingles that were both defective, and this product has a 40-year guarantee. We also really liked the look. We are very satisfied.
Lee & Claire B.

After looking at different styles, and meeting several contractors, I settled on what I thought was the best product and company. I especially like the look of the Kasselwood. Beautiful, strong, and I never have to worry about roofing again!
Chris S.

We wanted a steel roof that looked like asphalt shingles. It looks like asphalt and has a great warranty. Looks good!
Brian & Jody R.

We bought KasselWood because of the durability and not having to worry about the roof again. The excellent warranty was a key factor also. Asphalt shingles are the primary roofing materials in my area. They do not last the amount of years they are supposed to. The weather extremes here make important to have a trustworthy, long-lasting roof system with a very good warranty. My roof looks great.
Colin D.

Pleased with workmanship and professionalism of his workers.
Aaron and kristine P.

Swita Metal Roofing did a fantastic job with our roof. It looks great and they were very professional. The crew cleaned up every night. It was a great experience. Also a big selection of different roof styles.

I recommend this company to all our family and friends. We love our new roof they installed a new metal roof and also fixed a problem that we had with our vaulted ceiling. The roofers cleaned up everyday and everything was all cleaned up at the end. Very good crew.

The Classic Metal Roof installed on my home is more beautiful than I imagined. We had several inquiries even as the roof was being installed. People in our area are amazed as they have never seen anything like it before…they are stunned by it’s beauty and the fact that it is a metal roof that resembles a shingle. In fact, a couple of people came and sat in the yard for a few minutes to watch as the roof was installed. Most metal roofs in our area have the traditional barn tin look with visible screws.

The crew that installed the roof were nice people and maintained the utmost professionalism. Their attention to detail really impressed me. They readily accepted any questions or comments we had without any frustration.

I have already noticed a difference in my electric bill….Thanks for such an awesome product and project!
Marian M.

We wanted a steel roof that looked like asphalt shingles. It looks like asphalt and has a great warranty. Looks good!
Brian & Jody R.

Long lasting and nice look. My neighbor has had a metal roof since the 1970s and it still looks great. No peeling, fading or curling. It will probably be cheaper in the long run than re-roofing every 10-15 years. I also like the look of the edging material.
Katheryn C.

I am very impressed with the installation team leader and his crew. They are very professional, polite and hard workers…everything they did was great. I was impressed with the way they picked up debris as they worked, and then cleaned up completely at the end of the day. Our new metal roof purchase was a very enjoyable experience. I would recommend Swita Metal Roofing to anyone, especially my friends!
Bob Q.

He was very good. Workers were very good. They were very professional every day. Everything was clean everyday.
Sonia M.

Very personable to work with, outstanding workmanship and product.
Darren M.

A very good job of installing my new Classic Metal Roof. The salesperson was friendly and knowledgeable, and there was good communication throughout the project. Thank you.
Judy B.

We really like the looks and durability. This is the second metal roof we have had done…the first being our house and now our garage…and we’ve been pleased with the house done about six years ago.
Mark and Nancy W.

They went above and beyond. They were amazing. They came out and fixed the damage. They made it look aesthetically great. Very professional polite crew, and I cannot say enough good things about them!
Chris and Steve M.

I just wanted to tell you how pleased we are with the team of people you sent to our house. Dale, Dave and all the team could not be nicer and respectful of our home.
Timothy J.

Excellent work! The guys were great!
Mike C.

Having been a former product development manager, i can say these metal roofs last a lifetime. you can pass that entire value down or have that as a sellup if you ever want to sell the home. this is truly an investment you can bank on. DL’ Koch formerly Alcoa product Development.
DL Koch

My shingle roof needed to be replaced after 10 years, Consequently, we wanted a product that would last for a longer period of time. I did an Internet search of all metal roofing companies in my area and requested estimates from appropriate reps. I consider the KasselShake shingle and associated warranty to be the best on the market for my home.
Dennis & Valerie C.

From start to finish, the work was done professionally and with the utmost regard for quality.
Steve & Donna S.

The Swita roofing team were very professional in all of our dealings. They felt like family.
John W.

Swita Metal Roofing was great everywhere. I am most satisfied that the job was completed on time and done with the utmost care.
Robert G.

It has been a year since the roof was installed. No issues and it looks great. Peace of mind knowing the quality of the installation and of the roofing material itself.
Micheal & Kani S.

Based on my post analysis of the project, cost for labor and materials was exceptionally accurate, cost saving options were discussed initially allowing me as the customer to make the final decision. This analysis did establish that this choice proved to be more cost effective than a traditional roofing system with a 20.23% savings in material and installation, not counting reduction in monthly utility expenditures. I am anticipating a minimum of a 5% reduction in the monthly utility bill.
David S.

I was pleasantly surprised that they followed through on everything. That’s unusual. We never ran short of materials. The guys worked hard and were very professional. We knew the materials were of high quality, but that’s only half of it. The workmanship is the other half. They did a very good job. Not only was I looking at it but so were other experts. I felt secure in that. We’ve had a lot of work done but this project was probably the most glitch free out of all of them. I have also noticed that it’s cooler. Everything about the company was laid out very well. If you’re interested in a long term investment this is a really good thing to do.
Sam & Debra A.

Very professional and did a good job
Bryan and sally M.

Thank goodness for Swita Roofing! The roof over our kitchen addition had been leaking and when we contacted local roofers, none of them got back to us with an estimate. Swita came 2 days after my initial call and when I explained about our leaky roof, he said that it could be awhile before he could do the work, but 10 days later they came and did a great job and just in time before all of the rain fell. No more leaky roof. It’s great! Just one minor problem, but that was quickly resolved.
Jill H.

They were very professional, had great communication and did excellent work.
Jason G.

They did a really good job!
Jeff A.

We are so happy with the new roof and could not have had a more personable installation crew. We enjoyed getting to know them. Thank you for a pleasant experience from start to finish!
Greg & Jan C.

Swita Metal Roofing’s professionalism shined through all means of communication – our initial meeting, phone calls, emails and other mail correspondence. Your thoroughness was evident not only as it relates to the roofing project, but in the final paperwork provided at project completion. You made us feel confident that our job would be completed to your high standards so we could relax…Thank you.
Kathleen H.

I am so very pleased with my new rustic style metal roof – the look, color, and everything about it. The crew that did the installation was really nice, efficient and professional and did a thorough job from the preparation through completion and clean-up. My neighbors all tell me how nice it looks and one (Mr. Harold Bjork) has talked to the town commissioners.
Margaret B.

I would recommend them.
Jerry S.

Swita Metal Roofing, and Mike Swita are incredible in so very many ways. They always showed up on time, got the work done on time, and answered all of our questions, and gave us great insight on the project, and suggestions. They left us with very good choices. They did extra work for us, including removal of a chimney, while still sticking to the original quote for the work. They did the job faster than they said they would, cleaned up everything, and educated us on how to do certain things, and what we can do. This project of roof and shutters was a Very Positive Experience. I am and will recommend this company to anyone!
Chris K.

They are very good people. They do everything with the customer in mind.
Rhonda H.

Mike was phenomenal. He is really genuine and I was pleasantly surprised with how he truly cares about the product, and his work. He is wonderful to work with, great personality, and does wonderful work.
Paula K.