Frequently Asked Questions

If you need information on how a metal roof will improve your Wisconsin home or business, see below for answers to the most common questions. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer all of your questions!

What makes a Swita Metal Roof unique?

You can count on Swita Metal Roofing for the highest level of business ethics as well as professional installation of the finest quality metal roofing products available. When you choose Swita Metal Roofing in Wisconsin to customize a roof for your home or business, you will have the peace of mind knowing that you have received exceptional value for your investment. Not only will you own a state-of-art roofing system, you will have the backing of a highly reputable Wisconsin-based roofing company.

How long have metal roofs been on the market?

Metal roofing’s been around for more than 100 years. In 1880, a metal roof was installed on the Chief Secretary’s office building in Sydney, Australia. This is the oldest metal roof in the world, and it’s still in sound condition. Our materials are among the most proven among modern manufacturers of steel roofs, and the manufacturer we partner with has dominated the metal roofing market for nearly 40 years. But within the last 10-15 years, the advances in technologies, colors, coatings and styles of metal roofing have transformed the industry. No wonder metal roofing has more than doubled its market share as a percentage of overall roofing materials in the last 10 years and is expected to double again in the next decade.

What guarantee is offered on Swita Metal Roofs?

At Swita Metal Roofing, we create more understanding about metal roofing and the lifelong investment that comes with installing one on your home. We stand behind our work and our products, which is why we have the following guarantees:

  • 100% Non-Prorated Material Guarantee of 20-40 years (depending on the product chosen) provided by the manufacturer for as long as you own your home, transferable for up to 40 years.
  • 100% Non-Prorated Workmanship Guarantee provided by Swita Metal Roofing for a period of 5-15 years depending on product chosen.
  • Responsiveness Guarantee which states that in the unlikely event that you have a question or issue with your metal roof after installation, we will respond within 12 hours to your phone call. In most cases, we’ll be able to return within one business day to resolve the issue. In the event of an emergency, we will respond immediately.

We welcome you learn more about our company, or call us for a free estimate. You will see firsthand the knowledge of our team and have a chance to see what our customers have to say about working with us. We want you to feel comfortable as you move forward with us on your high-quality metal roof installation.

Please contact Swita Metal Roofs for a copy of these unmatched warranties.

Will the look of a metal roof fit with the architectural style of my home?

Yes you can count on it.  Metal roofs are available in a wide range of styles, profiles and colors that fit with any architectural style home.  Metal Roofs installed by us are designed to replicate the rich beauty of roofing materials widely used today. You’ll love the way they look!

Do Metal Roofs look shiny and metallic?

Yes, certain colors can – especially black on a sunny day. However the deep, natural texture and earth-tone colors of Metal Roofs today give it the authentic look blending in with its natural environment. Although there may be some gloss present immediately after installation, when the airborne dust settles, it will soon dull to a natural, flat look. Much like the finish on your car. That initial gloss is unavoidable with a high-quality paint finishes that we use.  Recent crinkle or textured finishes are now available to give the metal a more matted finish.  These paint systems do an excellent job of removing the glare from the metal and keeping one’s eye focused on the beauty of the home, roof and the surrounding landscaping.

How much can I save by installing a Metal Roof?

Homeowners  will save thousands of dollars over time with a metal roof. Replacing 3 asphalt roofs over a 30 yr. period will cost the average homeowner approximately 73k.  With an average metal roof of 30k that same homeowner will save @ 43k over the same 30 yr. period. Best of all  this does not include any energy savings or resale value.  Homeowners who spend time researching and educating themselves up front regarding metal roofs appear to approach roofing on an annual investment basis, versus an initial upfront cost basis.  Energy savings, insurance discounts, replacement costs, resale value all become important factors when considering the “true cost” of a metal roof. In closing, quality metal roofs today offer a worry-free long life, which equates to long-term economy and beauty. With energy costs on the rise, homeowners list their savings as a huge advantage of their new metal roof.

How long will a Metal Roof last?

Most metal roofs, properly installed will last 40-60 yrs. or more.  A few of the paint finishes today are guaranteed not to fade for 30 years and will last well after the homeowner is gone. If quality metal, installation and paint finishes are used, your metal roof will probably outlast the house. On a historical note; the oldest metal roof in the world is still in good condition—it was installed in 1880 on the Chief Secretary’s Office Building in Sydney, Australia. The metal cap on our Washington monument was installed in 1884 and also has experienced no problems.

Can a Metal Roof be installed over my existing roof?

Yes they can as long as you have no more than one layer of asphalt shingles on your roof.  However, if the current layer is curling, crumbling, leaking or in disrepair, then it is advised that a tear off should take place. Most often metal roofs are often installed over one layer without a tear-off. It is also recommended that a watertight synthetic underlayment is first applied when going over your existing shingles.

How do I choose a contractor who specializes in metal roofing?

Do your research.  Check out their website. If possible speak or meet with the owners of the company you are considering.  Speak to homeowners that had a metal roof installed by the contractor. Ask a recent customer if the contractor had followed through on the things he/she had promised. Speak to the contractor’s manufacturer regarding their expertise. Make sure they are licensed and insured. How many installers/crews do they have?  Do the crews have specific metal products they install?  Are the crew leaders on the roofs installing with the other installers? How long have the crew members been doing metal? How long have they worked together? Does the contractor install other products such as windows and siding? (Reminder: you cannot be all things to all people).  How does the contractor address gutter realities or gutter protection with metal roofs. Can they install gutters as well? Approximately how many metal roofs does the contractor install per/year? What got the contractor interested in installing metal roofs? Does the contractor have a network of other contractors to gain knowledge and expertise from. Does the contractor attend yearly seminars or training? Have the contractor recall a problem they had with a metal roof and ask how they solved the issue.

How do Metal Roofs stay watertight?

Not all metal roofing fastening systems are created equal. The key to weather tightness is choosing a hidden fastner system where the elements cannot breakdown the fastner.  Exposed fastners can break down due to the sun and weather conditions.  Interlocking panels and snap lock systems for standing seam will hide all the screws/fastners which are most crucial for staying weather tight. Unlike the unsealed edges of other roofing products, the locked-down edges of our shingles cannot be lifted. Our products were tested in 110 mile per hour wind-driven rain in Dade County, Florida—without a single leak.

How do Metal Roofs stand up to fire?

Metal Roofs provide excellent fire protection that will stop a neighborhood fire before they spread. Metal roofs cannot be ignited by sparks from chimneys and nearby fires the way cedar shakes and asphalt shingles do. Many residential fires spread from sparks landing on the roof. All metal roofs are fire resistant.

How will a Metal Roof stand up to high winds?

Metal Roofs are designed to withstand the strongest winds Mother Nature can dish out.  Most metal roofs are guaranteed to withstand winds in excess of 130 mph. Some of our roofs have successfully withstood simulated winds of 200 mph. In addition to locking on all four sides and between panels, our metal roofs are anchored to the roof deck with stainless steel screws that are virtually impossible to pull out. Our metal roofs have been laboratory tested, field approved and able to handle all the severe Wisconsin weather coming our way.

How does a metal roof handle hail?

We love answering this question! We install steel roofs, and the phrase: “strong as steel” has its’ place in metal roofing. Our steel roofs have passed Impact Testing with the highest possible rating of H-4 for durability. This is the highest hail rating in the industry. Steel outperforms all other roofing materials against hail, including asphalt, aluminum, copper, tile and wood. Constructed of high-quality, investment-grade 24-28 gauge steel, our roofs are extremely resistant to hail, even large hail. Many of our new styles have a pre-weathered or dented appearance which will mask most hail damage. Peace of mind in severe weather is just another reason homeowners are moving toward metal roofing.

Are Metal Roofs noisy?

This is such a great question, and we get asked this all the time. The answer is that our metal roofs are not any noisier than an asphalt shingled roof. Most homeowners notice little to no difference.  There are factors that lessen the noise of your metal roof which include: your current shingles (if they are not torn off), the decking on your roof, our underlayment, your attic insulation, your ceilings in throughout the home and the panel texture will all absorb or prevent noise from reverberating into your living space. We have yet to receive a complaint about rain noise with our roofs. If you hear rain on your roof now, you will hear it with your metal roof, but it will be a slightly higher tone.

Can you walk on a Metal Roof?

You bet! But the best part is you probably won’t need to. We want to keep our customers safe especially as we all get older. Our metal roofs are virtually maintenance-free that shed ice, snow and debris, thus eliminating the need to climb on your roof. That said, if you have skylights or a chimney that needs yearly cleaning, you can walk on your Metal Roof without the fear of denting or scratching the panels. Our Metal Roofs are made of 24-28 gauge steel and worthy of any foot traffic.  As for aluminum and copper roofs – such is not the standard. One can expect dents and scratches to occur to these soft metal roofs.  In addition, they will require special foam backing under the panels to provide support to the lighter metal that comes with aluminum and copper.  Unfortunately, this also adds to the overall cost.  No need for foam backing on your steel Metal Roof from Swita.  Note: If your roof is fairly steep – most likely one will not be accessing the roof no matter what type of metal roof one is considering.  Extreme caution is always advised when walking on any metal roof especially one that is wet, steep, or snow and ice covered.

What is the cost of a Metal Roof?

To be straightforward, you should expect that a quality metal roof from Swita Metal Roofing, LLC will cost 2-3 times that of a quality composition/asphalt shingled roof. Our quality metal roof is compared many times to the cost of a new $30k car.  Unlike the new car, it will not depreciate over time, will hold its’ value, has an excellent resale value or ROI, has immense energy savings, may lower your homeowner’s insurance, will never need replacing and most important is worry-free as we move toward or into retirement.  Metal roofing is not a quick fix. It is an investment that will start paying itself off as soon as it is installed.  With an average roof of 25-30 sq. once can expect to pay ~ $25k – 35k.  Obviously, smaller roof sizes equate to less money as well.

With asphalt roofs needing replacing every 10-15 years, once also has to factor in the costs of replacing those temporary roofs.  A quality metal roof is permanent. The factors that are associated with your estimate will include: roof size/sq footage, tear off needed, steepness, underlayment used, ventilation or insulation needs, type and thickness of metal, style chosen, fastening method, snow breakers needs and/or other variables. We can provide a guaranteed price quote for you once we’ve completed your assessment and measured your roof.

Why do asphalt roofs fail?

Asphalt roofs fail for a number of reasons: use of inferior products, improper installation, environmental factors – mold, heat, sun, trees. In addition, most shingles just aren’t made the way they used to be so they are not a durable these days. For the pros and cons of metal vs. shingles, please visit this.

Do metal roofs come in a choice of colors?

You bet! Outdoor paint technology and paint options have exploded in the past 15 yrs. Every roofing option we offer comes in a range of colors. The samples you see on our website are just the beginning of what we can offer to match your home’s unique colors. New crinkle or textured finishes are now available to reduce the glare of the paint, making it easier on the eyes. The best way to see our incredible color selection is to call us to request samples, or schedule a free estimate.

Are metal roofs environmentally friendly?

Absolutely! Our steel roofs are made up of 38 – 42%% post-consumer recycled materials. Low carbon footprints are a reality of metal roofing, thus saving on transportation costs.  Replacement costs are not associated with metal roofs – again making them more eco-friendly.  We help avoid landfill waste by an average of 350 tons of asphalt shingles/year.  Your metal roof can be installed right over your existing asphalt roof – if you only have one layer on it.  In turn, we can make a significant contribution to healing our planet.

Can I expect home energy savings after installing my metal roof?

The past 15 yrs. many of our customers have reported and documented energy cost savings of 25% – 45%. Your actual energy savings will vary depending on how much you run your air conditioning during the summer months and if your roof is properly vented and contains enough insulation to save you $MONEY$ in the winter months.

How do the various styles of metal roofs differ?

The differences have to do with the style or profile of the metal. We have a wide range of styles and colors from high profiles metal shingles to lower profile metal shingles.  High profile shingles are designed to resemble cedar shake shingles and lower profiles are designed to mimic a composition shingle.  Rule of thumb; lower pitched roofs will look more attractive with lower profile metal shingles and the opposite holds true for higher profile shingles as well.  If one prefers the traditional look of a vertical panel with ribs, then standing seam will be your style choice.  An important decision required is:  Which style do you prefer and which will look best with your home?  There are also certain structures that call for a particular type of permanent roof. For example, different types of flat roofing are also available for homes or sections of roofs that have little to no pitch and cannot handle metal. At times a combination of products may be required to make sure your roof is leak proof. Time with an experienced metal roofing professional to assess your needs and educate you on all available styles is highly recommended.

What has been the history of previous metal roofs?

Metal roofing has been around long before WWI.  The manufacturers Swita Metal Roofing has chosen to partner with have all been in existence for the past 20-40 yrs. The steel used is of the highest quality materials, referred to as “Investment-Grade” metal.  All metal shingles and standing seam materials are manufactured in the United States with a proven history of performance.

How long does it take to install a new metal roof?

The average metal roof installation takes 3-5 days from start to finish. Obviously, larger and more difficult roofs will take longer to install. This means the amount of time that each project takes varies upon the scope of the job. We’re not going to take any shortcuts because we believe the installation of your metal roof should be done right the first time around. Once we start your metal roofing project, we will not start the next job until your installation is done 100% to your satisfaction.