Metal Shingles Benefits versus Asphalt

Benefits of Metal Shingles versus Asphalt

asphalt roofing loses value quickly and is a poor long-term investment.

While metal shingle technology and design options have advanced over the past decade, asphalt roof shingle quality has fallen due to the reduction of the oil (asphalt) content that roofing manufacturers are using. To save money, these companies replace petroleum products with fillers and binders. Simply stated, the lower the asphalt content, the poorer the quality of the shingles. Modern day asphalt shingles are susceptible to premature deterioration and may often cup, curl, and shed granules in as little as a year after installation. You won’t experience that with the permanent nature of metal shingles.

Metal shingles and other metal roofing designs are popular alternatives to asphalt roofing shingles due to the many benefits that metal shingles provide. Although the price of asphalt shingles may seem attractive to many Wisconsin homeowners, asphalt roofing quickly loses value and is a poor investment over the long-term.

Metal Shingles Benefits versus Asphalt

Metal Shingles Advantages

Metal Shingles Outperform Asphalt Every Time

Metal shingles are permanent. Because metal is strong, beautiful, energy-efficient and won’t break down over time, homeowners can enjoy the “one and done” peace of mind that metal shingles deliver. Modern asphalt roofs are more prone to damage from the elements of the weather. They are not suitable for areas such as Wisconsin where there are extremes of cold, hot, wet, and dry weather is experienced. There is more grim news for homeowners with asphalt shingles. Manufacturers have not only changed the asphalt content in the shingles, but also made changes to the base mat content. Standard shingles consist of small granules glued to a base mat. Moisture seeps into the base mat when adhesive agents break down or dry out, causing the base mat to deteriorate. Leaks begin to occur when the base mat is exposed to moisture, and shingles start to crack, curl, and become loose. This is why even a moderate storm can cause significant damage to an asphalt shingle roof, while a metal shingle roof stands up to the harshest weather conditions imaginable. Asphalt FailsAnother advantage of metal shingles is that they’re impervious to biological growth. The binders and fillers added in asphalt shingles encourages biological growth. As algae and mold grows, it spreads. Algae growth results in staining and streaking. A once beautiful roof now appears worn and old-looking. As your asphalt roof starts to age, the value quickly diminishes. Weight is also a huge advantage for metal shingles. Due to their heavier weight, asphalt shingle roofs absorb and hold heat. This means in warmer weather, your house stays hotter, your air conditioner works harder, and your energy bills literally go through the roof. Misleading warranties and the premature decline of the roofs have homeowners battling asphalt shingle companies. It is no surprise that many of these companies are involved in class action lawsuits due to the growing number of dissatisfied consumers. Metal shingles deliver a permanent roof that you’ll never have to replace. The fact is, the lifespan of an asphalt shingle roof is 10-15 years, no matter what the warranty tells you, and it can be far less here in the Wisconsin. We regularly replace roofs that are less than twenty years old and sometimes fewer than ten!

Metal Shingles Versus Other Roofing Materials

Metal Shingles Deliver Benefits Over Other Roofing Materials

Metal shingles deliver benefits over not only asphalt, but also other inexpensive roofing materials that show signs of deterioration not long after installation. While temporary roofs are initially less expensive than installing a permanent metal roofing system, they are are not the best long-term investment. The cost of repairing damage caused by exposure to the elements of weather, energy inefficiency and periodic roof repair or replacement all add up over its short lifespan.

It is therefore not surprising that informed consumers are opting for metal shingle roofs over other so-called inexpensive options such as slate, clay, concrete, and wood shake.

Metal Shingles Outperform Wood Shake Shingles

Wood shake shingles have been used for centuries on roofs in North America. This is primarily because wood is readily available and is, therefore, an inexpensive option for roofing material. However, the wood shake has a short lifespan and is vulnerable to fire damage. It also requires a lot of maintenance.

Metal shingles are man-made and impervious to weather. This makes them susceptible to the growth of mold and algae. Water retained by the wood shakes results in the rotting of the wood. This, in turn, results in leaking. The penetration of moisture results in batten damage. The roof decking will then have to be replaced.

Metal Shingles Outperform Clay and Concrete Tile and Slate

Clay tiles and slate are also potential roofing options, but they are heavier than metal shingles. Their weight causes strain on the structure of the building below and make it more prone to collapse in the event of a fire.

These tiles are also highly porous, allowing water to seep through. When the water freezes, it expands; when it melts, it shrinks. This cycle of expansion and contraction leads t the cracking and breaking of tiles.

Metal shingles can withstand high winds, however, clay or concrete tiles can be damaged leaving holes in the rood and the interior of the home exposed.

While slate is a durable material, the nails that attach the slate to the roof are not. These nails are prone to damage, including rust, that may cause they to fail and pose a serious safety hazard if the slate falls.

Metal Shingles Versus Other Temporary Roofing Materials

There are various other temporary roofing materials including, ones made of rubber and composites, but they can prove expensive. They are also susceptible to fading and chalking when exposed to the sun. Their track record cannot stand up against metal shingles and isn’t worth the risk.

Permanent Metal Shingle Roofing

If you’re looking for a high quality roof that lasts, choose a permanent metal roofing system. Metal shingles are not only impervious to the elements, but also provide the benefits of efficiency, durability, and beauty.

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