Metal Roof Installation by experienced experts, for proven results.

To ensure flawless metal roof installation, start with selecting superior quality products.

Swita Metal Roofing represents only the best, most respected brands. The Metal Construction Association (MCA) determines the quality of metal roofing materials. Our manufacturer, Isaiah Industries, is certified by the MCA, which means all our products are Investment-Grade-A metal, the highest rating available.

Metal roofing must be installed properly in order to work great and last for the life of your home. We’ve created a helpful checklist to help you navigate this process. Read on to learn about Swita Metal Roofing’s installation process. Our metal roof installation experts exclusively install metal roofs day in, day out, unlike some roofing contractors who handle mostly asphalt and only a few metal roofs. Expertise is key when you want your metal roof installed correctly and flawlessly.

Metal roof installation over your existing roof.

Metal roofing installation can typically be done right on top of your current asphalt shingles, since metal roofing materials are very lightweight. This saves waste from being dumped in landfills. Even metal shake and tile profiles, which are more substantial, can be installed over the top of wood shingles or shakes.

Unlike many roofing contractors, Swita Metal Roofing exclusively installs metal roofs. Our expertise is critical in ensuring your metal roof performs as promised. We’re familiar with the techniques, technologies and Wisconsin building codes and protocols for metal roofing installation. We’ll also evaluate the condition of your structure and roof decking before we begin installation.

In certain situations, especially when working with existing wood shingles or shakes, we’ll remove the material along the edge perimeter (and sometimes even the lumber) and replace it before installing the new metal roofing. If you have a slate roof containing asbestos that you’d like to cover, it might be possible to install your new metal roof directly on top of it. We will be able to advise you, as well as handle this process safely and according to local building codes.


Our Metal Roof Installation Process

Metal Roof Installation Starts with Our Thorough Evaluation and Estimate.

Metal Roof Installation ProcessWe won’t begin a metal roof installation without a thorough roof and attic inspection to assess moisture, heat loss and ice dam issues. Our inspection ensures that your new metal roof will provide optimal protection from these risks for the life of your home. Our metal roofing experts work closely with homeowners to ensure that we meet your goals for a roof that’s both beautiful as well as durable, strong and impervious to the elements.

Our inspection and thorough estimate process will also determine whether or not we’ll be able to install your metal roof over your existing roof, or whether we’ll need to remove the existing roofing material prior to installation. Because we only install metal roofs throughout the state of Wisconsin, we’re familiar with best practices as well as building codes to help make this determination.

Measurement and Flawless Metal Roof Installation Techniques for Proven Performance

A thorough measurement and design process helps ensure efficient use of materials, a cohesive and beautiful roof design and performance and durability for the life of your home. Our expert installation crews are also adept at intricate techniques, like hidden seams and edges to prevent rust from occurring or showing over the years. We want you to be as happy with your metal roof installation after 15-20 years as you are the day it’s installed.

Backing Our Metal Roof Installation with The Right Guarantees

We take every precaution from initial estimate through the final stages of installation to ensure perfection. However, we also provide peace of mind in backing our work with the right guarantees. Your metal roof materials will include a manufacturer’s warranty of 20-40 years depending on the product chosen, and the installation is backed by our craftsmanship guarantee or 5-15 years depending on the product chosen. We won’t settle for less than your complete satisfaction.