Steel Roofing Products

Steel Roofing Styles

Steel roofing isn’t what it used to be. Swita Metal Roofing offers a wide range of styles and colors to match any home style or taste preference, from the look of wood, cedar or slate shingles, a traditional look of a composition roof or standing seam styles, there’s plenty to choose from. They’re beautiful online, but even more beautiful in person. Call today to view samples in person, or schedule a free estimate.

Steel Shingles: High-Profile KasselShake

The strength of steel roofing with the thick, random look of hand-split shakes. Provides elegant beauty for any style of home, while offering exceptional protection and energy efficiency.

Steel Shingles: Medium-Profile EDCO

For many homeowners, medium-profile steel shingles resembling slate or shake roofing offers just the right amount of texture and beauty, while delivering outstanding performance.

Steel Shingles: Low-Profile KasselWood

Steel roofing that adds a textured yet symmetrical beauty to protect and beautify any home. KasselWood is available in a variety of colors to help reproduce the look of cedar, slate, or standard shingles.

Steel Shingles: Low-Profile Centura

Many clients prefer a traditional roof look that fits in most neighborhoods. Choose low-profile steel shingles that have a composition-like look in a wide range of colors and styles.

Flat Roofs

Homeowners and commercial property owners with flat roofs will find just the right protection and beauty here. Low maintenance, durable and beautiful, this energy-saving solution is an ideal choice. Made of a patented PVC membrane that’s impervious to the elements and stands up to the test of time.

Standing Seam

This is what most people picture when they think of steel roofing. Sheds Wisconsin snow and ice, protects in winter and reflects the sun’s heat to keep your energy costs low in summer months, too. Lends beauty to commercial properties. Available in narrower widths for beautiful home roofing without a “commercial” look.

Metal Barn Roofing

The industry this style of steel roofing agricultural panels or “ag panels”. We call them insurance against the elements and the test of time. Protect your barn, shed, garage or other structures with this economical and strong steel roofing option.

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These styles are only a sample of the options we offer.